Expenditure details of candidates contesting the elections in AC Gangapur-111


Sr. No. Name of Candidates Contesting the Elections First Schedule (11-10- 2019) Second Schedule (14-10- 2019) Third Schedule (18-10-2019) Final
1 Shri Achhelal  Jadhav   Achhelal  Jadhav 14102019 (PDF 1 MB) Achhelal  Jadhav (PDF 2 MB) Achhelal  Jadhav
2 Shri Ankush Kalawane   Ankush Kalawane 15102019 (PDF 3 MB) Ankush Kalawane (PDF 3.2 MB) Ankush Kalawane
3 Shri Babasaheb Arjun Gaikwad   Babasaheb Arjun Gaikwad 15102019 (760 KB) Babasaheb Arjun Gaikwad (PDF 2.2 MB) Babasaheb Arjun Gaikwad
4 Shri Babasaheb  Thorat   Babasaheb Thorat 15102019 (PDF 2.3 MB) Babasaheb  Thorat (PDF 658 KB) Babasaheb  Thorat
5 Shri Bharat Asaram Fulare   Bharat Asaram Fulare 15102019 (PDF 1.3 MB) Bharat Asaram Fulare (PDF 1 MB) Bharat Asaram Fulare
6 Shri Davidas Ratan Kasbe   Davidas Kasbe 15102019 (PDF 371 KB) Davidas Ratan Kasbe (PDF 663 KB) Davidas Ratan Kasbe
7 Shri Jadhav Bharat Sukhaji   Jadhav Bharat Sukhaji 15102019 (PDF 1.3 MB)   Jadhav Bharat Sukhaji
8 Shri Mane Patil Santosh Annasaheb   Mane Patil Santosh Annasaheb 15102019 (PDF 3.5 MB) Mane Patil Santosh Annasaheb (PDF 5 MB) Mane Patil Santosh Annasaheb
9 Shri Narayan Bhanudas Pawar   Narayan Pawar 15102019 (PDF 976 KB) Narayan Bhanudas Pawar (PDF 1.6 MB) Narayan Bhanudas Pawar
10 Shri Prashant Bansilal Bamb   Prashant Bansilal Bamb 15102019 (PDF 8.9 MB) Prashant Bansilal Bamb (PDF 5 MB) Prashant Bansilal Bamb
11 Shri Pravin Himmatrao Ranyeole   Pravin Himmatrao Ranyeole 15102019 (PDF 1 MB) Pravin Himmatrao Ranyeole (PDF 1.3 MB) Pravin Himmatrao Ranyeole
12 Shri Rahul Shivram Sonule   Rahul Shivram Sonule 15102019 (PDF 2 MB) Rahul Shivram Sonule (PDF 795 KB) Rahul Shivram Sonule
13 Shri Shaikh Gulam Ali Mohamad Husain   Shaikh Gulam Ali Mohamad Husain 15102019 (PDF 764 KB) Shaikh Gulam Ali Mohamad Husain (PDF 788 KB) Shaikh Gulam Ali Mohamad Husain
14 Shri Kashinath Haribhau Vetal       Kashinath Haribhau Vetal