Resettlement Branch

The Resettlement Branch

In the District Collector office is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to the rehabilitation Act called MAHARASHTRA PROJECT AFFECTED PERSONS REHABILITATION ACT 1999. The act apply to the irrigation projects which area of the affected zone exceed 50 hectares or area of the benefited zone exceeds 200 hectares or gaothan/s is affected. It also apply to all projects, other than irrigation projects such as industrial estates, atomic energy, universities, oil and natural gas, energy, chemicals, roads, national parks, sanctuary, mines etc. However the entire responsibility to execute them and to rehabilitate the P.A.P.s shall rest to concern department by entering into an agreement with the concerned project authority or body. The act is not applicable for the projects falling under the jurisdiction of inter-State Projects and rehabilitation work, financed by the external agencies.


The Resettlement branch works as superintendence, direction and controlling in all matters connected with the rehabilitation of affected persons in the districts. Branch co-ordinates and supervise the work of rehabilitation of affected persons in the district. Co-ordinate and ensure speedy rehabilitation of affected persons by & the project authority concerned to undertake the work of rehabilitation. Performs such other functions time to time as per the State Government directions. The Resettlement branch of the collector office publishes the preliminary notification in the Official Government Gazette specifying the village or areas which are likely to be in the affected or/and benefited zone, slab and other things under section 11(1) of the Act.