Land Acquisition Notification

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Land Acquisition Notification
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Land Acquisition Notification City Chowk to Shahaganj Gandhiputla Sarafa Road 29/02/2024 View (2 MB)
Land Acquisition for City Chowk to Shahaganj Gandhi Statue Road Chhatrapati SambhajiNagar 16/02/2024 View (2 MB)
Public notice before purchase for acquisition of land for Nandur Madhameshwar Canal Project under Distribution No. Distribution No. 22 above sub-division no. 3 A’s Soil work and construction at Malighogargaon, Vaijapur 29/12/2023 View (994 KB)
Notification of exclusion from acquisition of pending area for land acquisition of Sand Mahanagar 1, 2 and 4 in CIDCO Sand Project under Section 48 (1) of Land Acquisition Act, 1894 13/12/2023 View (6 MB)
Nandur Madhameshwar Canal, Distribution no. 16, left minor distribution no. 1 SUBDIVISION NO. 2 Fun Sirasgaon Pre-purchase public notice for acquisition of land through direct purchase by private negotiation in Vaijapur 29/05/2023 View (1 MB)
Mauje Hersul, Tal, Dist. Property at Aurangabad is being acquired, regarding notification of 3(d). 16/01/2023 View (1 MB)
Regarding publication of land acquisition rehabilitation and resettlement notification at Mauje Ladsawangi, Ta. Dist. Aurangabad. 27/12/2022 View (901 KB)
Notification of Land Acquisition for Nandur Madhemeshwar Canal at Hingoni, tq. Vaijapur, District Aurangabad 28/10/2022 View (1 MB)
Mauje Satara Gute No. 124/2 & 131 Shivajinagar Railway Gate Subway Land Acquisition 21/10/2022 View (265 KB)
Jaipur Industrial Area , Ta. Dist. Aurangabad Land Acquisition Notification of section 32(1) of Maharashtra Industrial Development Act 1961 and affidavit of section 32(2) 06/09/2019 View (95 KB)