General Branch

Lok Shahi Din

    1. Govt. of Maharashtra vide its Resolution No General Administration Department No. Prasvdha/roee/CR .23/99/18 A/dated 20th December, 1999 has directed to every Dist Collector to hold a Lokshahi Din on Ist Monday of every ensuing month.
    2. On this day the following officers are invited remain present and accept the representation about the Grievances /Complaints, of the public.
      • Dist Collector.
      • Dy. Commissioner of Police.
      • Superintendent of Police.
      • Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Parishad.

Following Dist level heads of the Departments are also invited and remain present on this day

    • Irrigation Dept.
    • Maharashtra State Electricity Board ( Urban as well as Rural )
    • Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation.
    • Co_Operation
    • Agriculture
    • Water Supply.
  1. On this day of Lokshahi Din work of acceptance of representations/ Complaints of the public, commences at 9.00 (A. M.). Every Complainant is given a Token Number against his application , there after a regular acknowledgement is issued to him.
  2. The Meeting of the Lokshahi Din conducted in the Presence of the Collector and other Officers starts at 10.00( A. M.) The Complainant is given an opportunity to represent his grievances before the officers . The concerning officers give patient hearing to the incumbent and sort out the problems properly.
  3. Though the Scheduled closing time for acceptance of the application is 12.00 noon , the public is entertained even upto 2.00 ( P.M. )considering their numerical strength.
  4. All complaints received during the Lokshahi Din are handed over to the concerned officers for immediate compliance on the same day.
  5. The officer of the concern Department has to
    • Take action on the complaint in view of the prevailing norms rules of the Govt . in this behalf .
    • Not only offer compliance but also supposed to justify his stand to the complainant .
    • If the complaint lodged is relating to Developmental works then all aspects such as name of relevant Scheme , availability of Funds, sanction norms facts based information is taken into account before communicating reply to the complainant .
    • In this way all complaints received are processed and dispose of within a maximum period of one month .
    • In exceptional circumstances if it is not possible to take a decision within a prescribed time limit the complainant is kept informed about the cause of delay complainant.
  6. On every Lokshahi Din the information about the total number of applications received, pending references , etc, is tabulated and such tabulated information is released in Local News papers for publicity by the Dist Collector.
  7. To review the work of every Lokshahi Din the Divisional Commissioner appoints an Observer who reports him the proceedings and activities of Lokshahi Din on the very next day .