About District

Aurangabad District is located mainly in Godavari Basin and its some part towards North West of Tapi River Basin. This District’s general down level is towards South and East and North West part comes in Purna-Godavari river basin. The Aurangabad district’s North Longitude (Degree) is 19 and 20 and East Longitude (Degree) is 74 to 76.

In Aurangbad district, total Forest Area is 135.75 Sq.Km. as compare to Maharashtra the forest area of Aurangabad is 9.03%.

There are three mountains in Aurangabad District namely 1) Antur – its height is 826 Meter 2) Satonda – 552 Meter 3) Abbasgad – 671 Meter and 4) Ajintha 578 Meter, Average Height of Southern portion is 600 to 670 Meter.

The main rivers in Aurangabad district are Godavari and Tapi and also Purna, Shivna, Kham . Dudhna, Galhati and Girja rivers are the sub rivers of Godavari.

The Aurangabad District’s total area is 10,100 Square Kilo Meter out of which 141.1 Square Kilo Meter is Urban area and 9,958.9 Square Kilo Meter is Rural Area.

In Aurangabad rainy season starts from the month of June to September- and October to February-Winter Season and March to May Summer Season. The Average rain fall of Aurangabad District is 734 mm and the Minimum Temperature is 5.6 D.C. Maximum Temperature is 45.9 D.C.

In Aurangabad district as per the Census 2011 total population is 3,701,282 and peoples mainly speaks Marathi, Hindi, English and Urdu language.