Expenditure details of candidates contesting the elections in AC Sillod-104

Sr. No. Name of Candidates Contesting the Elections First Schedule (11-10- 2019) Second Schedule (14-10-2019) Third Schedule (18-10-2019    
1 Shri Abdul Sattar Abdul Sattar (PDF 4.6 MB) Abdul Sattar  (PDF 6 MB) Abdul Sattar (PDF 5.5 MB)    
2 Shri Ajabrao Mankar Ajabrao Mankar (PDF 2 MB) Ajabrao Mankar  (PDF 3 MB) Ajabrao Mankar (PDF 6.9 MB)  
3 Shri Dadarao Wankhede Dadarao Wankhede  (PDF 2.9 MB) Dadarao Wankhede (PDF 3 MB) Dadarao Wankhede (PDF 5 MB)  
4 Shrimati Jyoti Danke Jyoti Danke  (PDF 3.3 MB) Jyoti Danke (PDF 3.4 MB) Jyoti Danke (PDF 5.5 MB)  
5 Shri Kaisar Azad Kaisar Azad  (PDF 2.5 MB) kaiser azad (PDF 5 MB) Kaisar Azad (PDF 9.8 MB)    
6 Shri Prabhakar palodkar Prabhakar palodkar  (PDF 5.2 MB) prabhakar palodkar (PDF 9.7 MB) Prabhakar palodkar (PDF 4 MB)  
7 Shri Sandip Suradkar Sandip Suradkar (PDF 3.3 MB) Sandip Suradkar (PDF 4.3 MB) Sandip Suradkar (PDF 5.7 MB)