Proposal extension to pay extra points for the discount

Publish Date : 05/02/2019

Aurangabad, Date 4 ( – All the secondary school headmasters, teachers, students and parents affiliated with the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune are informed that the decision of GR According to 24th November 2017, the deadline to present the proposal to the departmental board to give additional marks to the students who are proficient in art, painting field and participating in folk art forms. It was until January 15, 2019.

Government The letter dated January 31, 2019, to present the proposals for the exemplary properties of classical art, painting and folk arts. The extension has been extended till 5th February 2019. Accordingly, the proposal of classical art, painting and folk arts is done by the secondary schools to the Zonal Board. 5th of February 2019 are to be submitted.

However, all the students, parents, teachers, headmasters, all the secondary schools, who have registered for the Secondary Education Certificate (10th) in March 2019, should take the appropriate action and take appropriate action accordingly. The Secretary of State, Pune-04 has informed that all the school teachers should take cautions that any eligible student will not be deprived of the properties of these properties.