Expenditure details of candidates contesting the elections in AC Kannad-105


Sr. No. Name of Candidates Contesting the Elections First Schedule (11-10- 2019) Second Schedule (14-10- 2019) Third Schedule (18-10-2019) Final  
1 Shri Ambadas Sagar  Ambadas Sagat (PDF 4 MB) Ambadas Sagar  (PDF 622 KB) Ambadas Sagar  (PDF 1.5 MB) Ambadas Sagar   
2 Shri Harshvardhan Jadhav Harshvardhan Jadhav  (PDF 5 MB) Harshwardhan Jadhav  (PDF 2 MB)   Harshvardhan Jadhav
3 Shri Sunil Chavan Sunil Chavan  (PDF 9 MB) Sunil Chavan  (PDF 1.3 MB)   Sunil Chavan
4 Shri Vithalrao Thorat Vithalrao Thorat  (PDF 6.3 MB) Vithalrao Thorat  (PDF 440 KB)   Vithalrao Thorat
5 Shri Maruti Rathod Maruti Rathod  (PDF 5 MB) Maruti Rathod  (PDF 2.3 MB)   Maruti  Rathod  
6 Shri Kishor Pawar kishor pawar  (PDF 3.5 MB) Kishor Pawar  (PDF 2.6 MB)   Kishor Pawar
7 Shri Santosh Kolhe Santosh Kolhe  (PDF 3.5 MB) Santosh Kolhe  (PDF 1.6 MB)   Santosh Kolhe
8 Shri Udhaysingh Rajput Udhaysingh Rajput     Udhaysingh Rajput